Remember Why You Came

Come, weavers of story, art and song
Let us gather together for the time has come
To weave a new vision
For those yet to come
For we are the ancestors of our great granddaughters and sons.

Bring your voice, your hands, your heart or your drum
Whatever it is that you make your art from
For if we don’t we may well choke
On all the words we never spoke and all the songs and poems we never wrote, and the fires within will let turn to smoke.

For a vision, a dream, channeled through a brush stroke, a song or a scene
Can be the spark that lights the dark we find ourselves in
Art is and always has been a way for spirit to be seen.

So come way-showers, weavers of spirit in form, let us gather together around this fire once more singing:

What wants to come through you? 
Call it in, call it in
Remember why you came!

And Sing! even if your voice shakes
Dance! until your heart breaks open
Sing! Even if your voice shakes
We have come to create beauty!

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